Products and services

Automatic door systems

We implement and maintain all different automatic door solutions for passenger traffic. Our solutions include door mechanisms and complete door packages with door leaves, as well as fire-rated automatic doors. All our implementations meet the requirements of the EN 16005 standard.

Camera surveillance

We deliver high-quality camera surveillance with local storage or as a cloud service. Versatile analytics features can be tailored to the customer needs.

Access control

We are brand-independent and deliver the system that is best suited to the respective destination. We use secure identification technologies, and mobile identification is a commonplace for us. Access control as a cloud service is an effortless solution for the property administrator.

Locking systems

Digital and mechanical locking solutions and locking design through us with professionalism. We also implement a modern keyless locking solution for your property and housing association.

Intrusion detection systems

Whether there is a need for a wireless or a highest-level crime reporting system, we implement it without compromise.

Customized security solutions

We have the best international managers at our disposal, and we tailor even demanding systems to customer-specific locations. Implementations range from fence monitoring to personal security systems. Ask for more information.