Your advanced security partner

Lockdown Security Oy offers modern system components based on both local and cloud services.

The starting point of our operations is always partnership - we map out the customer's individual needs and look for the best possible solutions to fulfill them.


We do our part to create a more secure world by customizing the most advanced security solutions on the market for companies and smoothen movement - now and in the future.

We base our operations on ethics, sustainable development, reliability and customer orientation. That's why with us you will always meet a person, a solver, with whom you can do business without bots, tickets, or queuing.

We want to offer the best and most agile service, with industry-leading products and always with a personal touch. We strive for partnership in our customer relations, so that we can genuinely improve the safety culture of the customer company and create added value for the customer by utilizing the latest technology.

You decide, we solve - together